The Great European Rally 2015

Veranti-Lamberti was pleased to take part in the Great European Rally 2015.. what a fitting challenge for the new 2015 V3000 ST

...and an adventure it was...

We drove from the UK and had a stop off in France the night before registration - we met up with the other teams at the AutoWorld in Belgium for a 9.00am registration - a beautiful city with lovely people..


Still day one... maybe we were a tad crazy but a blast round the Nurburgring in Germany was an absolute MUST!! - well thats one off the bucket list..

Whilst at this legendary track we took some DashCam footage and there are some photographs to follow - keep checking back for more video and pics of this epic element of the tour...


The Veranti V3000 ST did pick up that awesome "Nurburg Tattoo"... one of a few she picked up on the trip...


We clearly weren't the quickest car on the track - not by a long shot.. we did put this plucky little V3000 ST through its paces and she enjoyed every minute of it..

On to day two - Drive into Stuttgart and a visit to the Porsche and Mercedes museums..

Whilst we had a quick stop off at the Mercedes museum we did struggle to park.. whilst driving round the security staff ushered us right up to the front door to park DIRECTLY OUTSIDE the museum.. 


Clearly they thought the V3000 ST was worthy of such a position outside this prestigious venue giving us a chance to get some great photos..


In addition to this we think this was the most photographed car of the day.. AWESOME!!

Day three gave us a lovely drive through the Black Forest - simply breathtaking views.. before heading across the border to Switzerland

Day four .. challenging drive covering 5 of the all time great passes.. Grimsel, Furka, Tremola, Gothard and the San Bernardino..

What a day of driving - clearly some of the best driving roads ever and some of these passes seriously need to be on any petrol heads bucket list if they aren't already..


Plenty of sunshine and snow all in one - an amazing combination contributing to a day of driving heaven in a wonderful car - she performed beautifully and without fault...


This was a challenging drive but seriously good fun - FYI Interlaken is a beautiful place to visit!!

Quick stop at the Verzasca Dam didn't disappoint - what a beautiful place...

Day five... some more beautiful passes and roads including the Fluela, Ofenpass, Umbrail and the simply amazing Stelvio before heading into Italy..

Again a great day of driving - great performance from this great little car despite being on the highest paved road in all of the Eastern Alps and the second highest point in Europe...


The Stelvio Pass is one of the most famous mountain passes in the world. At over 9,000 feet above sea level it is simply epic and an amazing place to be - it's actually quite cold up there..


The Top Gear trio famously said that the Stelvio Pass is the "Greatest driving road in the World" - it has some amazing hairpins both up and down and is a dream to drive...


It's impossible to describe the views from up there, its simply out of this world and an awe-inspiring place.. these are not roads to take lightly they are incredibly maintained (painstakingly even) to add to the sheer joy of this place..


Off all the routes, roads, passes and travels thus far both myself and my co-driver can categorically agree that this part of the trip was a favorite by a mile (or two)..this really is a road you could travel again and again and again.. I just fail to see how it could ever get boring...



Day six.. through the Italian Dolomites is a great drive and a sight to be seen..

They almost look 'out of place' in a strange way - the height of these things and the sheer size makes them incredible to see and equally as awkward to explain..


It goes without saying that Italy is beautiful - driving through Bolzano just confirms that their driving is an 'acquired taste'... 


Well it seems a fitting place to have the name Veranti-Lamberti and the Italians simply loved this car - we were photographed a fair few times that day..Can't blame them; the Italians know 'style' when they see it..



A drive on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road finished this day off a treat.. Seriously nothing short of a proper 'head in the clouds' moment..

Day seven was quite honestly a sad day for all of us involved in this adventure..

We've taken day seven out of our diary simply to pay tribute to a team of two smashing lads who joined us on this adventure and sadly lost their young lives that morning on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road..


Our thoughts and prayers are still with Josh Robinson, Danny Hall and their families at this sad time..


RIP boys.. you will never be forgotten...

Day eight, the final day - was a long drive Back from Budapest in Hungary all the way to France...

Well we made it - drove this V3000 ST all the way through some demanding roads, some beautiful scenery and some breathtaking countries.. to Budapest.. what an epic adventure..


A 'straight' drive home now in comparison to the rest of this journey.. we opted to stop in France on the route back - grab some duty free and pick up the Train through the tunnel on the Sunday - hoping it was clear and and easy run...


An amazing adventure with some extreme highs and then of course some extreme lows..



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