Stoneleigh Show - May 2014

Veranti Motors Displayed at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show - 4th & 5th May 2014

Arriving at Stoneleigh - early on Saturday 3rd May

A number of journeys back and forth from our workshop.....

We started to build our stand at about 2pm on Saturday 3rd May - we brought with us the original Veranti Coupe a Veranti VXF Sport as well as the one-off build Aston Vanquish Replica not forgetting the California Porsche (carbon fibre wrapped) with Chasis and Engine which is produced by our partners at Severn Classics


The Build up of the stand was quite involved - we had all our display boards, vehicles, leaflets, tables chairs and pull up banners - it was soon taking shape and we took our time polishing and slickering our cars to show them at their best

Sunday morning and here they come - a mass of Kit Car fans through the door...

Our stand became very busy on the first day - visitors flocking to see the display

GREAT FEEDBACK from the Kit Car fans and we discovered an AMAZING write up in May Edition of Total KitCar...

Did you notice our little blue companion? No it's not a smurf - It's BOB - you can find out all about Bob at #adventuresofbob

Bob was our helper who joined us at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show this year and although we didn't allow him to drive any of the cars he took the time to help us set up the stand and when it came to meeting some of our customers Bob was very helpful - and somewhat excited...


Bob was on loan to us as an assistant from one of our GREAT suppliers - City Signs of Worcester.. 

Bob was helping with some of our customers - Here he is with Christopher Dixon

Christopher very much enjoyed the show - he was really excited to meet Bob and spent time looking around all the display stands and show cars.

Christopher emailed us this photo after the show and told us he had a great time, he really enjoyed himself and especially our cars - Christopher was sat in the Veranti VXF Sport and was looking forward to a drive - Christopher and Bob were planning a Rally we think - Christopher as the Driver and Bob as the Co-Driver...



Our helpers arrived on Saturday lunch time - excellent timing as we were really busy

Our Team consisted of Neil, Steve, Sharon, Tony, Ellie, Toby, Jessica, Jessica2 and Cerys - just as well we had a full team as the day went on we got busier and busier looking at sales of the show cars and taking orders for builds from the fans visiting the show..


The weather was amazing and it certainly worked wonders for drawing in a HUGE crowd - great planning, preparation and marketing was done by the organisers so a huge shout out to both the venue and the sponsors..


Late afternoon and we finally got the chance to walk around the Halls and Stands ourselves - this was great as we got the chance to meet up with some of our friends and companions (even if they are competitors - he he) and some of our suppliers that were also exhibiting at the show....

Jaguar XK8 V8 Aston Martin Replica in the Sales hall - NOW SOLD

V3000 ST Kits ordered Jul & Aug helps raise money for Cancer Research UK & The Stroke Association
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