Veranti VXF Sport


Completed Vehicle Photo's.. February 2014

February 2014 was the finished road test period for the Veranti VXF Sport - Our MD has been driving the car everyday for the past two months, in a lot of rain floods and cold conditions with a distinct lack of sun and great weather....


"A GREAT ride! with tons of attention wherever I go..." he remarked. "I have found the car very practical equally as a lot of fun, I've taken the children everywhere in it, done some shopping and heard the beautiful exhaust tone in the multi-story"



New Photo's from October 2013

You can build this car yourself or bring your Celica to us and we will Fit the Veranti VXF Kit making it even easier for you to finish your car at home...

Our Kit contains all the pieces you need to convert your Toyota Celica into the VXF Sport; all Wings, Bumpers, Bonnet, Boot, Roof piece, Front Light moulds and wing mirrors are included in our kit. Good DIY skills or your own bodyshop or mechanic can fit this kit - we are happy to offer advice upon or after purchase to assist you, as we have built many of these cars..


Removal of the old panels and bonding, fixing your new panels is a fun and exciting project; feel free to call us or email us for some advice and tips..

If you prefer you can supply us your car and we will fit the kit for you. By fitting your Kit you can buy with confidence as we ensure that the kit fits correctly and perfectly for your to allow you add your own bespoke touch and styling to complete your very own car.


Either option you choose; you will not be going at it alone as helps, tips and tricks are available to you at any stage of the build from a firm who have been trading and building kits for well over 10 years...




Photo's from Sept 2013

Please keep checking back for more images and photo's of the Veranti VXF Sport - during February and March 2014 we will be releasing some press release photo's and are planning to launch the VXF Sport in a BIG WAY...


Watch this space.....



Build Images of the 2013 release Veranti VXF - these build images are the only ones been released whils we are awaiting for the Sales Particulars and Press releases in Feb/March 2014

The long awaited release (and thankfully although rumours of the car were leaked) the actual images have only been released by the Veranti Motor Company now....


It's true to say that there have been many 'rumours' and 'talk' around the kit car market that the Gen 7 Celica has been used to create what looks like an Italian Supercar - the truth is that Veranti is the ONLY company who has been working on this and the release has only been made available in September 2013...


Originally we took the decision to release this vehicle as a Staged Build only - In September 2014 we changed this and released a kit version as we found we disappointed the discerning and skilled kit car builders out there; the opportunity to buy kits and build your own car is seemingly far more appealing to the market and our customers. 


We continue the same well maintained quality in our kits as we do in our staged builds and ensure our customers get great value for money as well as a bespoke vehicle for them to enjoy.


You will have seen on eBay and pistonheads the demise of pricing for MR2 and the Peugeot 406 Ferrari 360 builds over the last 12 months and this is largely down to the rumours surrounding the long-awaited release of the Veranti VXF...


At Veranti Motors we have our own kits, mechanics & engineers and bespoke suppliers who help us keep our prices under control and give our customers an extremely good cost saving coupled with exceptional quality...





Well it's safe to say the Veranti VXF is beautiful - we will be releasing some more more images with the official launch..

The Veranti VXF is an amazing looking sports car - and a 4 seater to boot; enabling people to enjoy this car as a family - standard spec of the Original Gen 7 Celica is as follows -


Engine Size 1794 cc
Cylinders - 4
0-60 mph - 8.7 secs
Top Speed - 127 mph
Power Output - 140 bhp
Valves - 16
Torque - 173 Nm 125 lb-ft
MPG - 36mpg
Fuel Delivery - Multi point fuel injection
Transmission - Manual
Gears - 6 Speed


Their are many replica Ferrari's in the market....

Whilst the Veranti VXF Sport has some amazing similarities to the Ferrari 360 - rest assured all our cars are badged as Veranti VXF Sports - we know the chasis number of each and every car we have built at our unit - if you are in any doubt you are welcome to check with us - remember you cannot buy a new Veranti VXF Sport from anywhere other than here at Veranti Motors or through our official retail sales outlet Simcol Cars

So what goes into a Veranti VXF Sport Build - Extensive, complicated - yet Beautiful!!!

Stripping down the car involves removing the front and rear wings, bonnet, boot lid and wing mirrors - our individually crafted kit is then drilled, screwed and bonded to the car panel by panel - all gaps are lined and brackets are advised to stiffen up all the panels and to ensure everything fits as it should.. 


This car is not a cheap bolt on panel kit (which are rumoured to be available for the Gen 7 Celica) - it is our own kit, design and not available anywhere else in the world - this build is detailed and requires good DIY skills and or the help of a body shop - give us a call to find out more or, if you prefer, have the kit fitted by our workshop...



Bespoke Kit - Bespoke Lights - Bespoke Wheels & Spacers - Unique Car

The Veranti VXF Sport kit has around 20 separate panels used to create the body shape, after fitting there is a work involved in the shaping and aligning of the panels - the more meticulous you are with regards to panel gaps and ensuring that everything works as it should the easier the finish and paintwork or wrap is - our advise is to including runners to ensure all doors, boot and bonnet shut properly; without leaks and are tidy and quiet on the road...there is some technical work involved with relocation of fuse arrangement and battery compartments to ensure that everything is still accessible once the car is complete - something simple which many kit-car builders forget...


Glasswear is a simple job, no changes are required to the Windscreen or the Drivers/Passenger windows and you will still have electric windows (operational) when you have completed your build. A simple Polycarb rear window is advised alltough you can order and fit glass if you prefer..


Thereafter its very much over to you to complete your build in any style or finish. Jobs to complete include Wheels, Tryes, Spacers, Exhaust System, Lights Front & Rear & Prime & Paint.


At Veranti Motors we are experienced at EVERY level of the build and can help with contacts and suppliers as well as any help you may need to get a top-quality finish that Veranti Motors is accustomed (and famed for) with its vehicles...



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