Veranti Vivace

Above is a customer build which is currently being completed in our workshop (July 2014)

VIVACE - the term Vivace comes from the Italian Vivace meaning "In a lively or vivacious manner" - which beautifully describes this latest creation from the Veranti Motor Company and the speed at which this project took off in the workshop..

In April 2014 we released our factory build model which are engineers are now looking to finish in Carbon-Fibre - which will look breathtaking...


Celebrating the success of the Veranti VXF Sports - the Veranti Vivace was an obvious style, choice and design for us to master - again the build is similar to the VXF Sport and good DIY skills are advised... we have released this model as a Kit or a Part Build and can help with any stage of the build..


The Veranti Vivace is a bespoke build by the Veranti Motor Company; there are no imitations or other resellers of our product - it can only be purchased as a kit or part-built model directly from us - if you are unsure about a vehicle you see in the market place - feel free to check with us to find out if it is one of our vehicles; at Veranti Motors we keep records of all our factory builds and have confirmation of all our customer builds..



Keep checking back as we keep our website updated and will advise people what our lead times for kit orders and builds; times will vary dependent on demand - give us a call to find out more.


In February and March 2014 we released some pictures of our Factory Built Veranti VXF model and build photo's have been on our website since it began. In July 2014 we also released the images of the Veranti Vivace as well as all the build photo's and will be completing a diary... keep checking back...

The Veranti Vivace is a beautiful sports car - and another 4 seater to boot; enabling people to enjoy this car as a family - standard spec of the Original Gen 7 Celica is as follows -


Engine Size 1794 cc
Cylinders - 4
0-60 mph - 8.7 secs
Top Speed - 127 mph
Power Output - 140 bhp
Valves - 16
Torque - 173 Nm 125 lb-ft
MPG - 36mpg
Fuel Delivery - Multi point fuel injection
Transmission - Manual
Gears - 6 Speed


What's next for the Veranti Motor Company..

Well the honest answer is "Who Knows.." fact is we have been extremely busy over the past few years reworking restyling and serving our customers with some extremely beautiful cars... this is something we have vowed to continue doing...


All our efforts to complete the Veranti Vivace for release to the market in 2014 were a success - that was a time consuming and immense project (which is nothing unusual in our workshop) but we are fussy and have to ensure everything is 'just so' so there are no issues and problems for our customers in the future..

Your Comments are important to us at Veranti Motors and we would love to hear from you...

If you have a comment about our models... our sales stock... future plans or would like any further information about anything we are doing at Veranti Motors - we would love to hear from you click here to contact us...



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