Veranti V3000 ST

Not a Healey Replica more a Healey Inspired KitCar - July 2015 Press Photo's

We have many sponsors, businesses and individuals who are helping us raise money for two VERY worthwhile causes..


Any orders placed (with deposits paid) in July and August 2015 will help raise more money for these charities as 10% of the price paid will be donated to the charities by Veranti-Lamberti..


The long awaited release of our 2015 Veranti-Lamberti V3000 ST is finally here.. Not a Healey Replica but a Healey inspired Kit Car..

The car featured in the photo's on this page is taking part in The Great Rally 2015 which kicks off on 17th July 2015 - those of you reading this update now will realise that is 1 week away and we really have taken it 'to the wire' re this challenge..

.. and for VERY GOOD REASON!!!


Veranti-Lamberti and Worcesters Mobile Mechanics have teamed up for this event whereas we will be driving across 7 European countries over the 8 days in the newly released V3000 ST.. we are raising money for...





If you would like to make a donation or pledge in relation to this, please use the contact us section for details to find out how.. if you wish to order one of our kits in July or August (and pay a deposit) 10% of the price paid will also be donated to charity by Veranti-Lamberti directly..



Well here she is!!! - press photo's to follow shortly...

Yes its here... a relatively simple car to build very much in keeping with Complete Kit Cars detailed story of June 2015 (Veranti-Lamberti featured) talking about the importance of Kit Cars which don't require chasis work, roof chopping and general donor-car-destruction.. Our Kit is a unique design made by us to recreate a 'homage' to an early Healey (which is breath-taking) and incorporating some very modern style..


This design has been chopped and changed a few times during production but the final product is a kit, easy to fit with all the hard work done - no IVA, no chasis work... you don't need to be an engineer to build this car - it's a Kit Car you can build at home.. simply, cheaply and enjoyably..



Start with a Mk3 2005-2012 Mazdz MX5 - available as 1.8 Convertable.. returning nearly 40MPG

The MX5 Mk3 is one of the most talked about 2 seaters ever built and the biggest selling sports car of all time! Have you ever wondered why? - the answer is because it's great value for money, economical, RWD driving pleasure - great engineering, great spec, very reliable and fun to drive..


But lets be honest - it aint the prettiest car on the market.. it's not horrible.. it's just not the prettiest.. or is it 'pretty' in a feminine pretty car way .. oh I don't know - I don't want to start the MX5 lovers on a rant - I like the car.. always have.



Once you have purchased a kit we recommend you start on the back end..

Easy to do! First remove the rear bumper from the original car, strip down the lights, and the boot lid (just unbolt).. thereafter you can bond the body kit to the original rear wings (minus the boot lid) and centralise.. we recommend you leave the third brake-light in place as a guide.. once this is bonded in place the new bootlid (provided with your kit) bolts neatly into place using the original brackets.. keep the boot rubber handy as this also fits back to the original boot space..


A good tip is to tape your rear light wires to the underside of the kit (inside the boot) so you don't lose them..


When fitting the rear you will notice that there is a line (from the original car) where the third brake-light meets the boot lid - we suggest you fill this before prepping and painting your car...


That really is the toughest part to do... if that part of the build bothers you, you are more than welcome to bring your donor car to the workshop and we will fit the back end for you - when we build the cost model for the sales section we will have this as a cost and purchase option - until then contact us or give us a call..



Back to Front (as in front is last) as in.. the next bit..

Strip down the front lights, front bumper and unbolt the front wings... start with fitting the bonnet - this again ensures that you have the centreline correct on the car.. you will see that the double skinned bonnet (supplied with your kit) again uses the original brackets for ease of fitting to the car..


Don't tighten the bonnet fully as you can move it into position once the wings are bolted on.. your kit includes both bumpers, wings, boot, bonnet, front flash and grille surround.. other options will be available shortly including spoilers, choices or bumpers (front and rear) as well as different rally and classic bonnet options...



Final Stages.. Lights, Prep, Paint (or wrap), Exhaust, Wheels and Tyres...

At the final stages you can finish off at any trim level you like.. Prepping and paining is important as the overall finish needs to be good - don't do this as a half measure just because the rest of it was easy!! Front lights originally belonged to a Mini.. rear lights can be sourced from Europarts (or equally good vendors) - we'll give you the details for that..


Exhaust - you can place simple finishers (as the twin exhausts are in the correct place) go all out by dropping the back box and fitting stainless (highly recommended as it sounds awesome) Wheels and tyres - being 5x114.3 there are hundreds of options - we can help you source spacers and wheels with bespoke offsets, classic styles, modern styles and even 'spinners' if you so wish...



V3000 ST Kits ordered Jul & Aug helps raise money for Cancer Research UK & The Stroke Association
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