Full Veranti Build Diary

Eric Hambling describes the build of his MR2 based Veranti... - Remember the change in legislation means the convertible Veranti is no longer available..

With the car back home the rear fog light and number plate lamps were fitted to the rear bumper and the assembly bolted in place for the final time. The rear light clusters were fitted in the rear wings and the headlamp units refitted. The stainless steel mesh was fitted to the front bumper and boot lid and these were then secured in place. The front indicators and side repeaters were fitted, enabling the operation of all the lights to be checked and the headlamp alignment adjusted. 


The original door handles had been painted and these were refitted along with the door glass and the mirror assemblies. With the final fitting of the bonnet, headlamp cowls, side air intakes and petrol filler cap, the panel fit was almost complete and it was beginning to look like a car again. 


Turning to the interior, with all the trim removed, the opportunity was taken to upgrade the sound system. The old radio / CD player was very tired and utilised separate amplifiers located behind the passenger door. A new CD / radio head unit was purchased and a lot of redundant wiring removed. Upgraded speakers and sub-woofer were fitted in the original locations in the doors and behind the passenger seat and a new remote central locking and alarm system was fitted as there was no evidence that one ever existed. 


The original dashboard was damaged when I purchased the car and my attempt at a repair was not entirely successful so I took the opportunity of replacing it with one purchased on e-bay at a very reasonable cost. This is not a job to be undertaken lightly as it is amazing how much equipment needs to be removed to enable it to be released from the car. On the plus side, it enabled me to thoroughly check and clean all the components of the heating and ventilation system. 


The hood frame was re-fitted, followed by the carpets, seats and all the interior trim with the exception of the door cards. The upper rear side panels needed to be cut to suit the shape of the new body but all the other items fitted back in their original positions. The front section of headlining was cut to the shape of the modified windscreen top flange and glued in place. 


The hood was supplied fully stitched and when fitted to the frame all the return edges were glued in place and the excess material trimmed off. 



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