*ORIGINAL* Veranti Coupe

The Original Veranti Coupe - Kit for the Toyota MR2 Mark 2 1990-2000

The Original Veranti is available to purchase as a kit and prices and our online shopping system is available here to buy a full kit or individual parts if you need repairs or replacements for your current car..



The design of the Veranti Kit is fast becoming a future classic and takes the 'dated' looking MR2 and brings it into the current market as a very stylish, well built car which really turns heads - The Veranti has been reviewed by kit-car lovers and petrol heads all over the place and has been well recieved with exceptional reviews in it's own market making it the perfect platform for our company - we are very proud of this car and continue to manufacture it to the high standards are customers are used to.


Veranti kits are ONLY available from us directly and cannot be purchased anywhere else - we have our own production line, skilled operators, paint shop and build units - this is how we drive down prices and ensure quality in our product...

Eric Hambling describes the build of his MR2 based Veranti... - Remember the change in legislation means the convertible Veranti is no longer available..

V3000 ST Kits ordered Jul & Aug helps raise money for Cancer Research UK & The Stroke Association
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